Save the beauty

If you love Italian food, art, culture and lifestyle, now you can be part of it all: For Italy is the community where people from all over the world can show their love of Italy, interact with each other and contribute to the protection of Italian art and culture, heritage of the whole world.

With For Italy it is possible to contribute concretely to the protection of Italy’s unique artistic heritage.

Take an active part in crowdfunding campaigns launched by For Italy, and you can become a part of art history by closely associating your name with an Italian masterpiece! Your generosity will be compensated not only through receipt of exclusive products made in Italy, generously donated by our Sponsors, but you have the chance to have your name published on a plaque and all the informative material associated with the oeuvre.

The first crowdfunding campaign launched by For Italy reached unexpectedly positive goals: the funds raised through this campaign have been fundamental to realizing an innovative aseismic pedestal that will allow us to safely exhibit Francesco I d’Este’s bust by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, preserving it in case of future earthquakes.

Crowdfunding is a synergistic process that involves people sharing others’ projects, and organizations supporting them economically through charitable contribution.
The elected operating system most suitable for crowdfunding is the web, where passionate and curious stakeholders gather to realize a new bottom-up funding system intended to support humanitarian initiatives, innovative business, scientific research, and artistic/cultural causes. This last cause – supporting art and culture – is precisely For Italy’s cup of tea.

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