FORITALY and Easymilano:
together for the duomo di Milano

Welcome to this private page!

Thanks to the partnership between For Italy and Easy Milano, just for you, as a reader of Easy Milano and a lover of our beloved city, you can carve forever your name (or the name of the persons you love) in the history of the Duomo di Milano, and enjoy exclusive rewards.

Donating on this page you will be invited an exclusive event at the discovery of the Duomo di Milano that International Patrons of Duomo di Milano and Easy Milano will organize in April to thank all their donors.

You can now make the difference for the symbol of our city!

International Patrons of Duomo di Milano decided to restore the spire dedicated to Madre Cabrini, a great Milanese and American woman, remembered with love as the “Mother of Migrants”.

Be part of a worldwide community who loves and supports Italian cultural heritage. Help the Duomo di Milano to shine for the generations to come!