The campaign for the Duomo di Milano

and the spire of Madre Cabrini

has been completed successfully!

“For Milan’s Duomo, beauty has its price. The city’s massive Gothic cathedral, on which construction began in 1386, is undergoing a restoration, and the marble that provides its celebrated luster is a particular challenge. […]

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We raised $162,365 to support the restoration works of the Duomo di Milano, exceeding our goal of $150,000.

We Saved the Saint!

If you could not take part to this campaign, you can still contribute to pass on to future generations this monument, donating to International Patrons of Duomo di Milano.

Taking care of the Duomo di Milano is and ongoing endeavour! You can still help.

Donate now!

All the donations gathered will be invested in supporting the restoration works of the Duomo di Milano.

Thank you to all our generous donors and partners in this campaign:

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the Duomo and its spires
Saint Francesca Cabrini

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