Indieg= ogo: by donating through the indiegogo website, you can help protect th= is magnificent sculpture, which is an important example of Italy=92s remark= able cultural and artistic heritage.

This fundraising initiative has been organized in the U.= S. by Friends of FAI, at the request of FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano, which = has committed to support this project, in conjunction with the “2013: The Y= ear of Italian Culture in the United States”.

About the project:

Last May, the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy was hit by = a devastating earthquake. The damage to the region=92s artistic and cultura= l institutions was extensive, and many have yet to reopen to the public. Th= e Galleria Estense in Modena, which houses an incredible collection of Ital= ian Renaissance and Baroque art, is one such institution. The gallery canno= t reopen until certain protective measures are put in place, in particular,= an anti-seismic pedestal to safeguard its most precious m= asterpiece: the 17th century bust of Francesco I d=92Este, by Gian = Lorenzo Bernini. This innovative technology will protect the work = from future earthquakes, and until it is installed, the sculpture may not b= e displayed to the public. The development and installation of this technol= ogy will cost =8060,000 (approximately $80,000).

What you can do:

Friends of FAI has elected to support FAI=92s efforts, a= nd hopes to raise $60,000 for the project. But we cannot d= o it alone. We hope you will contribute to this important cause, and enable= the public to once again enjoy this beautiful and significant work of art.=


Your generosity will be recognized by important = sponsors who will send you exceptional products from the Made in Italy port= folio, or will invite you to experience unique opportunities in Italy. Alcantara, Berlucchi, Seguso, Aceto Balsamico del Duca, the Museum Cas= a Enzo Ferrari, the Teatro Comunale di Modena “Luciano Pavarotti” and the M= odena Football Club have already joined the initiative along with important= figures in the art and culinary world, including world renowned chef Massi= mo Bottura, celebrated artists (and lifelong friends of Luciano Pavarotti) = Mirella Freni and Raina Kabaivanska, and Piero Ferrari, the son of the grea= t Enzo Ferrari. If you donate 50 dollars or more, your name will be carved = on the anti-seismic pedestal of Bernini=92s sculpture, and will become a pa= rt of the History!

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About Friends of FAI:

Friends of FAI is an American nonprofit= organization, whose mission is to foster a deeper appreciation and support= for the preservation of historic properties in Italy. One way that Friends= of FAI achieves this goal is through its support of FAI-Fondo Ambi= ente Italiano, which functions as the National Trust of Italy. FAI= has been dedicated to safeguarding Italy=92s cultural heritage for 38 year= s, and has restored and opened to the public over 40 historic properties th= roughout Italy, including castles, villas, parks and monasteries. To learn = more, please visit: www.friendsoffa= i.org

About “2013: The Year of Italian Culture in the = United States”:

This project is part of “2013: The Year of Italian Culture in the United States” a showcase of Italian culture and identity in all the areas tha= t have distinguished Italy=92s traditions from past to present: art= , music, theater, landscaping and architectural heritage, cinema, literatur= e, the sciences, design, fashion, and food culture. “2013: The Yea= r of Italian Culture in the United States” is made possible thanks to the s= upport of the President of the Italian Republic, the Ministry of Foreign Af= fairs and the Embassy of Italy in Washington DC, the Ministry of Cultural H= eritage and Corporate Ambassadors ENI and INTESA SANPAOLO.