Arts Council

Arts Council was founded by Alessandra Pellegrini with the aim of serving cultural institutions, both public and private, by developing and creating fundraising, communication and promotion strategies. Alessandra Pellegrini boasts 25 year’s experience in the fields of Public Relations, Communication and Fund Raising in the cultural sector, which she developed and nurtured with Italy’s major non profit entities, entreprises, public adminitstration and cultural institutions such as theaters, museums and foundations, both national and international.

It is therefore thanks to her experience that Arts Council has constantly cultivated relationships with hundreds of businesses, cultural and governmental institutions across the world. This is combined to her close collaboration with Milan’s University, l’Universit√† del Sacro Cuore di Milano, where Alessandra Pellegrini teaches a course on cultural management “Economia e Gestione dei beni artistici e cultrali” in the undergraduate joint degree of Economy and Philosophy.

Arts Council works side by side with cultural institutions to define the best fund raising, communication and promotion strategies. The strength of Arts Council is the strong and variated network which it has knitted throughout the years, bringing together cultural institutions, companies and private individuals who recognise it as a trustworthy advisor which is able to identify the causes to which it will dedicate its financial and sponsorship resources, in line with different social resonsibilities and sensibilities.